Year: 2001
Director: Jeff Schecter
Cast: Casper Van Dien
Not the Australian drama by Rolf de Heer of the same name, but a gloriously crap, straight to video shocker starring gloriously crap square-jawed prettyboy Casper Van Dien as a former cop turned PI who specialises in finding people.

When a gang war erupts in New York and a beautiful drug heiress (and his former lover) is kidnapped, his old friend (the girl's brother) comes to ask for his help.

Teaming up with a comic sidekick female taxi driver who joins them to comprise a sort of action movie three stooges, they chop and shoot their way through the bad guys to discover the girl herself is behind the conspiracy in a surprisingly good twist for a cheap and nasty action thriller.

Ironically heavy on unfunny laughs and uninspired action, but not as bad as most.

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