The Transporter 3

Year: 2009
Production Co: Europa Corp
Director: Oliver Megaton
Producer: Luc Besson
Writer: Luc Besson/.Robert Mark Kamen
Cast: Jason Statham, Jeroen Krabbe, Robert Knepper
The law of diminishing returns strikes what started out as a small, zippy, cool little series. The second got too ridiculous and this third instalment veers off course from all the former elements with a plot device that ties Frank Martin to his signature Audi. If he moves more than 75 feet away from it, the mechanical bracelet around his wrist will blow him to kingdom come.

It makes for some cool sequences - the bike chase through the crowded European market to keep up with the car and having to dive underneath a swollen river as the car sinks through the depths, but it's still missing something from the original - maybe just the element of surprise.

Martin agrees to pick up a package after some goons of a local crime boss lean on him and snap the exploding bracelet on his wrist, and for some reason dump a Russian party princess in his car as well, similarly wired. They're all mixed up in a plot to get a German minister to pass dodgy legislation to give passage to a container ship containing dangerous toxic waste, but it's all extraneous plot to move Martin and the chick from one scrap to another. They're cleverly shot under Frenchman Megaton's eye, but it's not only little we haven't seen before from a Transporter film, it's not even that much.

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