Trinity and Beyond

Year: 1995
Production Co: Visual Concept Entertainment
Director: Peter Kuran
Producer: Peter Kuran
Writer: Scott Narrie/Don Pugsley
Cast: William Shatner
A fascinating look at the history of atomic weapons, from the comparative dinky toy Little Boy (16 kilotons) that was dropped on Hiroshima to Tsar Bomba, a 57 megaton, 27 tonne, eight metre long monster detonated in a remote island north of Siberia by the Soviets.

A blistering soundtrack and William Shatner's narration tell the story of how our most devastating weapon got bigger and better, and you won't believe how many were tested - dozens every month during the peak in the early 1960s.

It features all the footage you've seen a hundred times from The Day After and YouTube clips as well as lots more footage that was declassified at the time.

It's the human condition in a nutshell - the weapons the most terrible ever created, the explosions and footage of effects all too watchable.

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