Trojan War

Year: 1997
Production Co: Daybreak
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: George Huang
Writer: Andy Burg/Scott Myers
Cast: Marley Shelton, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lee Majors

A teen sex comedy in the finest tradition, of the particular 'one misjudgement leads to an even bigger nightmare' subgenre that's popular to lead a character to an unimaginable string of bad luck. And as it usually is in films like this, the string of bad luck has all been for the pursuit of pussy.

A teenager is madly in love with the school babe (Shelton) and when he finally gets his chance with her as study partners, the only things he's lacking is protection. Leaving her house to get a condom leads from one ridiculous (often stupid and hardly ever funny) situation after another, from a dance club full of Latino toughs to a graffiti-happy crew of gangsters.

Of course, he can't see what's right under his nose, that his no-nonsense, thick-skinned best female friend (Hewitt) has had a thing for him the whole time and just can't find a way to let him know, having to stand by and watch as he pursues another girl who's all wrong for him.

There's only one reason to watch this movie, and that's Jennifer Love Hewitt, who's always had a special quality that makes her seem like an honest to goodness girl next door both gorgeous and natural. Everyone else belongs in the over-acted, over-scripted book of bad teen sex comedies, but she shines, and we've seldom seen her more beautiful or vulnerable since, even when the awful script makes her occasionally stumble.

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