Troop Beverly Hills

Year: 1989
Production Co: Weintraub Entertainment Group
Studio: Columbia
Director: Jeff Kanew
Writer: Pamela Norris/Margaret Grieco Oberman/Donald E Thorin
Cast: Shelley Long, Craig T Nelson, Betty Thomas, Carla Gugino

Shelley Long specialised in these very studio-flavoured comedies in the 1980s, and this had all the elements fans of her work (however many of them there are, although it might surprise you to learn she's still working as I write this in 2010) are familiar with.

The very epitome of a fish out of water comedy, she plays the Beverly Hills socialite wife of a rich husband (Nelson) who spends her days spending money and contributing little to the wellbeing of society.

When her husband asks for a divorce, she decides (whether out of some financial need or a case of conscience I can't remember) to help run her daughter's girl scouts troop.

Cue an endless string of jokes about the life of a girl scout (badges for uncool activities, camping in the wilderness) in the moneyed enclaves of LA. It was encapsulated perfectly in the soundbite that made its way into the trailer and formed the cornerstone of the marketing. When a senior troop official sees the girls sprawled on the floor of a swanky hotel and asks 'you call this roughing it?' Long's character answers 'Ten people and one bathroom? Yes!'

If you've seen the trailer you don't need to watch the movie.

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