Trouble Every Day

Year: 2001
Studio: Studio Canal
Director: Claire Dennis
Writer: Claire Dennis
Cast: Vincent Gallo, Beatrice Dalle
I hired this movie on DVD because I heard it was something akin to a vampire movie. Being the product of a pretentious French director and starring Vincent Gallo, I should have known.

It's about two people apparently afflicted with a rare condition where sexual arousal turns them into murderers. The woman (Dalle) is like a caged psycho, locked inside her house by her doctor husband every day lest she get out and wreak havoc with some unsuspecting man.

The man (Gallo), recently married, cannot consummate his marriage with his pretty wife for fear of hurting her, batting off in the hotel bathroom instead. Malice and dread pervades the whole film, but if it's at all horror, it's extreme arthouse horror, leaving many gaps for you to fill in yourself and containing at least one scene of sickening sexual violence.

Otherwise, it's slow, dreary and like most other things Vincent Gallo appears in.

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