Truly Madly Deeply

Year: 1990
Studio: BBC
Director: Anthony Minghella
Writer: Anthony Minghella
Cast: Juliet Stevenson, Alan Rickman

I was living in the UK at the time this film came out, and remember well the excitement around its astounding success, considering it was made for TV by the BBC.

Nina (Stevenson) and Jamie (Rickman, in his first role after his breakout in Die Hard) play a couple who have their problems like all of us but are very much in love before Jamie dies suddenly, leaving Nina angry and alone.

But in the scene that had tears dripping onto couches across Britain, Nina is playing the piano like she used to when Jamie accompanied her when she hears his cello behind her. The sheer power of their love and her emptiness has bought Jamie's ghost back to her.

At first things are wonderful, but when Jamie starts being a typical bloke - inviting a whole lot of ghost friends over to watch videos, for instance - Nina begins to wonder if it isn't time to say goodbye and move on with her life.

There was nothing really special about the story, but Stevenson's portrayal about the loneliness she feels since Jamie's death sells the whole movie and makes it a romantic classic and established Anthonjy Minghella as a director with a keen sense of the female mind and the mature vagaries of love.

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