Two Fists One Heart

Year: 2009
Production Co: Palm Beahc Pictures
Director: Shawn Seet
Writer: Rai Fazio
Cast: Daniel Amalm, Rai Fazio, Jessica Marais, Tim Minchin
Two Fists One Heart has several unwitting nods to Rocky, and not just because it's a boxing movie. Where the Italian Stallion is trying to be a champ, young Perth boy Anthony (Amalm) is trying to be a champ to his terminally angry and demanding boxing trainer dad (Fantastachini) and grow out of his long shadow at the same time.

He drifts in and out of street violence thanks to his job as a nightclub bouncer and an inability to express himself any other way, and his blood ties and painful voyage of self-discovery threaten to fracture the family and derail his burgeoning relationship with pretty student Kate (Marias).

Two Fists One Heart has a huge helping of 'they had a go' kudos for the first time filmmakers, and while much of the goings-on are fairly predictable, it's come from the heart and does so with above-average technical and narrative strength for a film its size.

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