Two Hands

Year: 1999
Production Co: Meridian Films
Director: Gregor Jordan
Writer: Gregor Jordan
Cast: Heath Ledger, Bryan Brown, Rose Byrne, Susie Porter, David Field, Tom Long, Steve Le Marquand
The slickest and tightest movie ever produced in Australia by Australians and the only film to ever tell a uniquely Australian crime story and not try to replicate an American crime story set in Australia (by the use of lines like 'We've got a situation here' and other Americanisms).

A Kings Cross strip club spruiker (Ledger) has his sights set on moving up the hierarchy of local crime boss Pando (Brown, in a typically overstated performance). But when he blows a courier job and loses $10,000, Pando's gang marks him for death. Resorting to any means to replace the money and get the girl (a very cute Byrne), he has to stay out of sight, rob a bank with a hysterical and distinctly Aussie group of robbers, and circumvent the agendas of various sleazebags.

The subplot of the two kids (from whom Pando's gang get their comeuppance) is a great piece of writing, and while some style and acting seems a bit rough around the edges, it's a neatly scripted and delivered film from Tropfest winner Jordan.

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