Two Moon Junction

Year: 1988
Production Co: Planet Productions
Director: Zalman King
Writer: Zalman King
Cast: Sherilyn Fenn, Richard Tyson, Burl Ives, Milla Jovovich, Herve Villechaize

One of the slightly embarrassing erotic dramas to come (excuse the pun) in the splattered wake of Nine 1/2 Weeks and the The Red Shoe Diaries-like work of soft porn maestro Zalman King, who gripped the phallic handle of the megaphone and ejaculated his direction all over his writhing cast and crew.

Nowadays, twenty years later, any woman would double up with laughter if a buffed, be-mulleted specimen like Perry (Tyson) tried to seduce her. But squeaky clean good girl April (Fenn) delights in his chiseled grunts, desire and seemingly endless sweating, embarking on a torrid affair before being locked in the safe, cloistered life of a demure southern bride.

A clumsy metaphor for choosing between our real life and fantasy lovers that's more or less a joke, firmly rooted (pardon the pun) in its era.

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