Year: 2000
Studio: Universal
Director: Jonathon Mostow
Producer: Dino Di Laurentiis
Writer: Jonathon Mostow
Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton, Harvey Keitel, Jon Bon Jovi
Another British sore point in the tradition of Americans portraying themselves in daring and dangerous war missions that the British actually did in real life (even acknowledged in the closing credits). A German U-boat carrying their Enigma code machine is crippled in the Atlantic.

An American sub moves in to take it by force before a rescue arrives. In the conflagration, their sub is sunk and they have to get the enemy sub and code machine to friendly waters. Everything from the trailers to the video cover promised an old-style submarine caper, full of claustrophobic tension, something the film delivers in spades - if a bit too frequently (there are only so many shots of sweating, terrified sailors looking expectantly at the ceiling you can fill a movie with).

There are long, tense episodes and fairly swashbuckling action as the crew face one disaster after another, and great underwater special effects. More action thriller than harrowing war film and an homage to Hollywood's first generation of World War II movies with the likes of Steve McQueen, David Niven and Lee Marvin.

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