Under Siege

Year: 1992
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Andrew Davis
Producer: Arnon Milchan
Writer: J F Lawton
Cast: Steven Seagal, Tommy Lee Jones, Erika Eliniak, Gary Busey, Colm Meaney

Back before Steven Seagal was a straight to video laughing stock he had the box office draw to ensure a decent amount of money was spent on a film, every cent filling the frame in this blistering thriller.

Though it looks like a ground-breaking action film, it's actually the second horse out of the gate in the 'terrorists-take-over-a' subgenre ushered in by Die Hard that was so popular for awhile.

But transposing the action from a skyscraper to a navy ship gave the story lots of cool new possibilities, and stone-faced Seagal as cook Casey (who also happens to be an elite and very dangerous SEAL operative) holds it all together without breaking a sweat...or changing expression.

When the USS Missouri is being decommissioned, the captain's having a birthday and the President is visiting to address the party, everyone from Playboy playmate Jordan (Eliniak) to a band of scruffy rockers led by Stranix (Jones, in the role that bought him to the attention of film fans under 45) are en route to by chopper to join the festivities.

But second in command Krill (Busey) has nefarious motives. Stranix and his band are actually CIA heavies and Krill is in cahoots with them, giving them clearance to land so they can take over the ship by force and sell off the nukes on board.

But everyone forgets the half naked girl in the captain's giant birthday cake and the cook locked in the freezer, put there under Krill's order after one of their many butting of heads.

The pair team up and have to sneak around the ship picking off baddies to get to the head cheese while everyone else is held hostage, and it's still Seagal's best and one of the best of the genre.

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