Year: 1992
Director: Clint Eastwood
Cast: Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Richard Harris, Gene Hackman
A old west morality tale - with an air of authority and mystique that inspires an awesome sense that you're going to be watching the mother of all western films - a sense exacerbated by the many Oscar wins (Best Picture, Director and Supporting Actor).

And maybe it is, but that just makes you realise how lame and cliched the western genre is to start with. The only real new point it makes is of the spiritual and emotional impact of killing someone (presumably to counter a lifetime of westerns in popular culture with the whole six guns at dawn thing).

The story wasn't particularly memorable (just a stereotypical retired gunslinger and his posse coming to a stereotypical town with a stereotypical rednecked sheriff) the characters aren't terribly distinctive and the story - even though the best it can be - is just a western.

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