Unlawful Entry

Year: 1992
Production Co: Largo Entertainment
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: Jonathan Kaplan
Writer: Lewis Colick
Cast: Ray Liotta, Kurt Russell, Madeleine Stowe

Before writing this review I tried to think of a few other examples from the 'cops gone bad' genre. Like Bad Lieutenant, it's a movie with what should be an effective device for drama - if a cop wants to torment or hurt us, what defence have we got either the institution of trust police engender or their simple physicality (it's a good bet they'll be physically stronger than us and have a gun).

But the strong idea occasionally results in a lacklustre thriller, as it does here. After a break-in the cop (Liotta) who busted the burglar couldn't be friendlier, helping the nervous victims install a security system and calling on them to make sure everything's okay.

But it has more in common with Fatal Attraction than either movie mentioned above. The cop takes a little too much of a shine to the hot wife (Stowe), making her husband (Russell) nervous. Asking politely doesn't work, nor does getting angry, and his last resort (threats of complaint and professional censure) sends the apparently unhinged plod over the edge, the film descending into a violent but generic race against time.

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