The Untold

Year: 2005
Director: Jonas Quastel
Writer: Jonas Quastel
Cast: Lance Henriksen, Andrea Roth
There are a whole class of big stars who lend their name to extremely cheap and badly done TV movies or movies that go straight to video. Some of then were big stars in their day too, and have been in some of the most influential movies.

Rutger Hauer, Christopher Lambert and Dennis Hopper Spring to mind, and steadily joining their ranks because of a string of low-fi turkeys is Lance Henriksen, his James Cameron heyday years behind him.

Bad editing, shoddy effects and the cardinal sin of never showing us the monster up close and full frontal spoil fairly breezy dialogue and okay writing in this monster movie based on the true story of a sasquatch attack in the forested American northwest.

A premise starts out pretty standard but turns utterly ridiculous - that the sasquatch wants to kill whoever holds a genetic profiling device because it could prove the existence of the previously mythological creatures.

Wedged in nudity shots inspired by a Zalman King soft porn show cap off the cheap pedigree of the production, and Henriksen, as the leader of the expedition to recover the machine, keeps having acid trips flashbacks of the attack on the downed plane for reasons never explained.

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