US Marshalls

Year: 1998
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Stuart Baird
Writer: John Pogue
Cast: Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, Robert Downey Jr, Joe Pantoliano

A spin off from The Fugitive, with US Marshall Gerard (Jones) - antagonist to Harrison Ford's wronged man - surviving a plane crash when the prisoner transport aircraft he's on goes down. An inmate (Snipes) helps him rescue as many of those on board as he can and then escapes himself.

Gerard takes his team and hits the trail after the crim but the murderer and robber stays one step ahead, giving him the slip every time.

As the chase goes on, Gerard becomes more suspicious about the charges leveled at him, and when a guy (Downey Jr) from another agency comes in to assist, it unearths a conspiracy.

It's a fairly solid chase thriller with a similar m.o. to The Fugitive, but it doesn't have the x factor it needs to make it too memorable.

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