Vampires: Los Muretos

Year: 2002
Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
Writer: Tommy Lee Wallace
Cast: Jon Bon Jovi
The original Vampires film with John Carpenters name on it only just pulled off the stunt of making an entertaining movie with a new angle to the vampire legend.

Very loosely attached to this sequel, it looked like being the straight to video crap some distributor had treated it like.

But once again, it manages to assemble a (fairly) interesting group of characters, present a coherent and nicely paced storyline, and capture the essence of a mood like its predecessor (this time with a south of the border gringos and muchacos aesthetic).

Dealing with the curse of vampirism like a virus treatable with drugs (as the heroine does to herself) is a fairly new idea and once again a pretty scientific revelation is imminent that could both destroy the creepy lead bloodsucker (a svelte woman this time) or assure her victory.

Former top of the world boy Jon Bon Jovi does a pretty good job, as do his supporting cast, and like the original, it's a pretty harmless good time.

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