A Very Brady Sequel

Year: 1996
Production Co: The Ladd Company
Studio: Paramount
Director: Arlene Sanford
Producer: Alan Ladd Jr
Writer: Harry Elfont/Deborah Kaplan/James Berg/Stan Zimmerman
Cast: Shelley Long, Gary Cole, Tim Matheson, Christine Taylor

The writers were clever not to deviate too far from the original film in tone or gags, so this film is as funny as the original.

The plot gives the jokes enough room to move - a man shows up at the Brady house claiming to be Carol's first husband, but he really just wants to rip off the priceless statue the Bradys own before they realise what it's worth.

A few subplots are slotted neatly in, such as Greg and Marcia realising their lust for each other when the fact they're not biological siblings is bought home.

Double entendres sidle up to straighter gags that just poke good natured fun at the squeaky clean era depicted in the show and it's simple minded but great fun.

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