A View to a Kill

Year: 1985
Production Co: Eon Productions
Studio: MGM
Director: John Glen
Producer: Michael G Wilson/Albert R Broccoli
Writer: Michael G Wilson/Richard Maibaum
Cast: Roger Moore, Tanya Roberts, Christopher Walken, Grace Jones, Patrick Macnee, Alison Doody, Lois Maxwell, Desmond Llewellyn

Generally considered one of the thumbs-down efforts from the Bond ouvre, with Roger Moore looking creaky and aged in his last outing as 007 and a film that shows similar signs of having run out of steam and energy.

That's if you listen to Bond purists, and there are as many opinions on what a Bond film should be as there are Bond films. No, it isn't the stripped back, no-nonsense, tortured soul of Casino Royale, and long before we ever hear the word 'reboot' Bond films were about fun, quips, girls, gadgets and outlandish action.

And even though Moore was looking a little over it, what could be cooler than an insane industrialist (Walken) who wants to send Silicon Valley plunging into the ocean so he can corner the nascent but exploding microchip market? Besides, when I was 14 I could have spent two hours staring at a still picture of the delectable Tanya Roberts (and probably did).

It's a wonder nobody thought of the naturally shady and creepy Walken as a Bond villain earlier, although he kind of slums it, not really putting any more than his untrustworthy eyes to work as Zorin. When Bond (Moore) gets a tip off about a horse racing scam among the rich of provincial France, he poses as a buyer to find out what's going on, tracing the action to a secret lab Zoran is using to develop delay-controlled steroid shots given to the horses remotely by computer.

He meets his main squeeze for the film, an oil heiress (Roberts) Zorin's put the squeeze on for her land, and drags her along to unearth Zorin's plan to set the San Andreas fault quaking and destroy all America's microchip infrastructure apart from his own.

Iconic villains in the statuesque, imposing May Day (Jones), a race between exotic locations and a girl who's gorgeous enough to melt your eyeballs - what else do you expect? Sorry purists, but this film is more true to Bond movies that Bourne-dressed-like-Bond Quantum of Solace will ever be.

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