Year: 1968
Production Co: Eve Productions
Director: Russ Meyer
Producer: Russ Meyer
Writer: Russ Meyer
Cast: Erica Gavin
Is it just me or is there nothing very funny about an offensively racist nymphomaniac fucking her own brother, only for him to then incite his black friend to rape her?

Since when did sexual assault, incest and racism become comic fodder? Bear in mind, I'm pretty liberal, and if there'd been any irony in it I like to think I would have seen it - unless Russ Meyer's a much cleverer filmmaker than I credit him with.

But coupled with the famous soft porn purveyor's amateurish direction, it's a dog's breakfast of execution and delivery. That's right, amateurish. After watching three of his movies, I'm flabbergasted so many people find him such a talent. Shocking overacting and campy dialogue were just the beginning.

The most overtly sexual of his films, it concerns a huge-breasted nympho and her pilot husband living in the far north reaches of rural Canada, where she fucks everything that comes within reach (Mounted policeman, her brother, another woman, the guests her husband brings to their cabin for weekend getaways), and Meyer somehow turns it into a polemic against racism and communism, with the bizarre inclusion of an Irish (apparently IRA) character who tempts the black power-inspired Niles to go to Cuba with him, hijacking Vixen and her husband's plane in the process.

It's too strange, too badly acted, brings together too many plot strands that don't belong together, and the only thing that makes it stand out from every other camp, hippie-era inspired movie is the proliferation of tits.

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