When a Man Loves a Woman

Year: 1994
Studio: Touchstone Pictures
Director: Luis Mandoki
Writer: Ronald Bass
Cast: Andy Garcia, Meg Ryan, Ellen Burstyn, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tina Majorino

An emotional, affecting story about two people trying to be in love but struggling with the baggage they've both brought to the relationship.

On the surface Michael (Garcia) and Alice (Ryan) seem to have it all with their two cute daughters. But she's an alcoholic who's barely holding on, and Michael has to try and hold things together for all of them.

When Alice goes to get help, Michael himself has trouble because of the new dynamic in their marriage now he's not as dependent on Alice being unreliable and unable to take care of the girls while he's away.

It's hard to remember the details but everything about it is honest and raw, and it peels the surface of what we see about many marriages back to show us the truth we all instinctively know because it goes on behind our own closed bedroom doors.

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