Year: 2000
Director: Peter M Cohen
Producer: Peter M Cohen
Cast: Amanda Peet
Showed promise on the preview of being another war of the sexes comedy, but lived up to it by only halfway.

Three friends make sport of conning girls to shag them until they meet their match - a sweet girl they all fall in love with (Amanda Peet), who keeps them all hanging.

It isn't until the last scene we find out she was conning them to make fools out of them then dump them when she had them all hooked.

The moral of the story is that there are chicks as ruthless and predatory as guys, they're doing it to teach us a lesson, and we should watch out for them.

The setups and dialogue had some very funny parts and mostly it was well structured and delivered. The only problem was that the trio of creeps were too over the top, and few men are really as nasty as they're made out to be in real life.

The preview also gave too much away about the surprise ending by showing the protagonist talking about the three guys with her girlfriends.

It looked funnier than it was, but was still worth watching.

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