The Whole Ten Yards

Critics have mostly bagged this movie and audiences let it fall like a stone, but I actually thought the pairing of Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis was very funny in The Whole Nine Yards.

They mostly bring the same chemistry to the sequel, although both are outshone by the women in their lives. Cynthia (Henstridge) and Jill (Peet) are more front and centre in the story, know what's going on, and are funnier than Willis or Perry, the former looking old and tired, the latter playing up the stumbling goofball to far too high a degree.

After Jimmy (Willis) and Jill have moved to Mexico to lay low, the mob father of one of his victims (Pollack) swears vengeance, and the story is basically Oz (Perry) trying to convince Jimmy to help him, while Jill and Jimmy experience their own domestic discord and Cynthia is taken hostage by the bad guys but has an agenda she's been working towards with Jimmy behind Oz's back.

Funny in a slapstick way, nothing special, seeming more like a bunch of good friends regrouping for a party similar to one they enjoyed before.

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