Who’s Your Daddy

Year: 2003
Production Co: Middle Fork Productions
Director: Andy Fickman
Writer: Andy Fickman
Cast: Ali Landry, William Atherton, Kadeem Hardison, Wayne Newton
Okay, after the merest glimpse of one of the most gorgeous creatures to ever grace the surface of the planet, I sought out every film I could find starring the ravishing, delicious and sublimely beautiful Ali Landry.

And after first seeing her in the lovely and whimsical Bella, what a disappointment it's been to learn that her only other roles have been in teen sex comedies, first the mildly amusing Repli-kate and now this, the not-in-the-least-amusing Who's Your Daddy?

A misfit high school boy with strict religious Midwest parents, nerd friends and no chance of getting laid inherits pornography empire owned by his birth parents. You can imagine the rest. His new lieutenant and Dad's former right-hand man wants the whole thing for himself. You can imagine the rest of that too.

It might have been even halfway funny in a Porky's way if it hadn't been made not just for 13 year olds but retarded 13 year olds. Every joke, set-up and scene is lobbed clumsily as if from a cannon, and even the delectable Landry's screen time hardly made it worth it.

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