Wild Orchid 3: Red Shoe Diaries

Year: 1992
Director: Zalman King
Cast: David Duchovny
Highbrow soft porn director King tries to give us another picture of the struggle between social mores and our animal, sexual nature. The pretty heroine is engaged to handsome and caring boyfriend (Duchovny, pre X-Files fame). She falls in lust with a hunky construction worker and women's shoe store clerk, and can't handle the conflict inside her, so after a few hot-as-they're-allowed-to-be-for-mainstream sex scenes she kills herself. The allegorical battle between the two lovers vying for her affections is an increasingly violent basketball game between the two jeans-clad boys with muscles appropriately rippling. The story was done to death before movies were even made in colour (in every film with a tagline like 'Betrayal, Passion and Intrigue') and the only other reason to watch it means you might as well send away for an X rated porno.

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