Year: 1981
Director: Michael Wadleigh
Writer: Whitley Streiber
Cast: Albert Finney, Edward James Olmos, Gregory Hines
Strange wolf-like creatures are terrorising New York, and a detective (Finney) is on the trail of the killings to work out what they are. What they turn out to be are Wolfen, a strange wolf-like mythological beast from Hispanic legend. What the movie turns out to be about is something other than the killings and strange beasts, going off on too many allegorical tangents and strange directions when it appeared to be a simple werewolf or vampire story.

The case is neither solved nor closed satisfactorily, and we're asked to believe that a pack of monster wolves are going to run around New York ad nauseum. What most sticks out in my mind is the terrifying cry of the wolfen, like babies crying, but it's tension that's never acted upon with any action.

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