The Woman in Red

Year: 1984
Studio: MGM
Director: Gene Wilder
Writer: Gene Wilder
Cast: Gene Wilder, Kelly Le Brock, Gilda Radner, Joseph Bologna, Charles Grodin

Gene Wilder in a romantic comedy is as funny as Robin Williams as a vicious murderer like he was in One Hour Photo, but unlike the latter, this film falls flat on its face.

Kelly Le Brock's entire career can be summed up in the iconic steam vent dance scene, and as a kid of 13 I didn't even know what a blatant rip off it was of Marilyn Monroe's most immortal pose in The Seven Year Itch.

When lovable dolt Teddy (Wilder) sees Charlotte doing her thing on his way to work, he falls in love at a stroke and becomes obsessed with meeting her. The only problem is, he's married.

As Teddy pursues the mystery woman with maniacal zeal it could have been a deeply insightful (even incredibly moving) comment on the tension that exists between the institution of marriage we impose on ourselves and our membership of the flesh and blood human race, but what transpired didn't plumb the depths of the idea nearly enough, not even for a teenage boy who didn't even know what marriage means.

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