The World is Not Enough

Year: 1999
Director: Michael Apted
Producer: Barbara Broccoli
Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau, Denise Richards, Robert Carlyle, Robbie Coltrane, Judi Dench, Desmond Llewelyn, John Cleese
Taking a leaf out of the book of Tomorrow Never Dies, this is another return to Bond form, with ridiculously gorgeous babes (Richards is a more attractive nuclear scientist than the real world would likely see), thrills and spills and a larger than life premise. Psychopathic villain (Carlyle) with the very James Bond gimmick of having a bullet lodged in his brain driving him slowly mad has teamed up with rich oil heiress (Marceau) to plan domination of oil supply. Bond (Brosnan) ends up eyeballs deep with dashing and comic villains (Coltrane), hot chicks and non stop movement to try to stop them. Llewelyn's last performance as Q before his death soon after, and a comic surprise appearance by Cleese as the operative being groomed to replace him on retirement.

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