Young Einstein

Year: 1988
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Yahoo Serious
Producer: Yahoo Serious/David Roach
Writer: Yahoo Serious/David Roach
Cast: Yahoo Serious, Su Cruikshank, Jonathan Coleman

An explosive beginning in the career of Yahoo Serious that made him look like the next big thing in Australiana that was promptly cut off by the stupidity and box office death of Reckless Kelly years later and Mr Accident years later again.

Based on the premise that Albert Einstein, a Tasmanian, invented relativity theory and rock and roll. As he tries to get his theories and music accepted, the laughs are thick and fast, and Australian icons from kangaroos to the outdoor dunny pepper the screen. Very funny at the time, and it gave the Australian film industry a huge shot in the arm that went nowhere. Now a forgotten icon and as much an embarrassment to Australian cinema because of its legacy as Paul Hogan.

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