Zombie Strippers

Year: 2008
Production Co: Stage 6 Films
Director: Jay Lee
Producer: Jay Lee
Writer: Jay Lee
Cast: Jenna Jameson, Robert Englund
You'd think an impressionist Romanian playwright is about as far as you could get from the most Cormanesque, unashamed B movie premise of recent times, but the Internet Movie Database would have us believe Zombie Strippers was inspired by Eugene Ionesco's play about people turning into rhinoceros'. Go figure.

Either way, never before was a film so neatly spelled out in the title. When a team of crack commandos infiltrates a military facility where flesh-eating zombies are on the loose after an experiment gone wrong, they pursue several of the escaped undead across the city, the unfortunate Byrdflough (bird flu - get it?) receiving a bite in the process.

He tries to hide it from his squad - one of which is a Penthouse Pet busting out of her tank top - mindful of the brutal fate that awaits him if they find out. Escaping into a local strip club run by sleazy Ian (Robert 'Fred Kruger' Englund), he promptly dies on the floor, soon coming back to life to attack and bite several customers and at least one stripper - Kat, played by pornstar Jenna Jameson.

Kat's new state of not living does something truly wicked to her act, and soon Ian and his managers and offsiders realise they're onto a winner. Every stripper who becomes infected for some reason turns into a scorching hot dancer and starts drawing more punters. If they have to sacrifice a few by locking them in the basement after the strippers turn them into zombies in turn, so be it.

The aforementioned description of the plot does it much more justice than it deserves. It's all played for laughs and on the cheap. The several stripping scenes are disappointingly M rated if you're after T and A, and while it's not a comedy classic, you'll get a few chuckles. Classic-yet-obvious line? 'They're zombies!', 'They're strippers!', 'They're zombie strippers!'

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