The Lighthorsemen

Year: 1987
Production Co: RKO Pictures
Director: Simon Wincer
Producer: Simon Wincer/Ian Jones
Writer: Ian Jones
Cast: Peter Phelps, Bill Kerr, Tony Bonner, Gary Sweet
The sort of movie we publicly love in Australia, a tale of war heroes.

The Light Horse were the Australian Infantry regiment that left Gaza to storm the Palestinian town of Barsheeba in the First World War to break the Turk stranglehold on the land the British needed for supply lines.

The characters and their subplots are fictionalised, but the regiment galloping across the desert to spring their surprise attack, their horses and men dying of thirst, is real.

Well worth a look, the only dud note the captain of the regiment, who issued so many 'charge'-like bellow his throat must have been killing him.

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