Blind Date

Year: 2007
Production Co: Column Productions
Director: Stanley Tucci
Writer: Valéry Boutade
Cast: Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson

Not to be confused with the 80s comedy with Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger, this is altogether more esoteric and hard to grasp.

Based on another film, director Stanley Tucci casts himself against Patricia Clarkson, and with actors of such calibre you can be assured of quality. What's far less obvious is any sense of plot or narrative.

The overarching story deals with a married couple dealing with the death of their child. You only learn this through the voiceover that intersperses several scenes as the girl explains what her parents are doing and the fact that she's not alive anymore.

They're processing their grief by play-acting. He puts an ad in the paper, she responds and when they meet in the bar where he works as a stage musician, they play out various roles and inhabit very different personas in very different and sometimes bizarre circumstances. It might be the only film ever made where a psychiatrist treats a patient while he drives her around a warmly lit dodge-em car ride in the basement of a bar.

Watching two very assured performers doing what they do best is rewarding but there's so little plot arc you might get bored very quickly. I lasted as long as I could but didn't make it to the end.

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