Children of the Corn

Year: 1984
Production Co: Angeles Entertainment Group
Director: Fritz Kiersch
Writer: George Goldsmith/Stephen King
Cast: Peter Horton, Linda Hamilton

Falling victim very much to the curse of Stephen King adaptations, this film again misses the mark of what King was saying in his short story and adds a completely superfluous supernatural element with special effects they should have been ashamed of even in 1984. How they got so many sequels out of this crap I don't know.

An attractive young couple – the guy complete with a California-style mullet – are driving across the country when they happen upon a small Nebraskan town amid the cornfields.

The town is virtually deserted because Isaac (the creepiest looking kid this side of Regan McNeill at her worst) decided one day to go extremist evangelical Christian, directing his followers to slaughter every adult in town, kill every child when they reach age 19 and make regular sacrifices to 'he who walks behind the rows'.

The pair happen upon and get caught up in this conspiracy before it devolves into a generic hide and chase thriller that's as scary as a salad sandwich.

Of Linda Hamilton's two films released in 1984, I'll bet she thought this would be the big hit, not the cheap little sci-fi film about the robot that comes back in time from the future to kill her.

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