Year: 2009
Production Co: Nexus 6 Films
Director: Jeffrey Gerritson
Writer: Jeffrey Gerritson/John V Soto
Cast: Chris Egan, Emma Lung, Brooke Harman

Psycho girl has fling with guy and stalks him until it turns deadly. Haven't we seen that not once but time and time again, from Fatal Attraction to little seen Molly Ringwald thriller Malicious?

I really wanted this story to have a difference, and despite the ropey acting and staginess, it did. When US martial arts enthusiast and university student Julian (Egan) moves into a South Perth mansion to mind it while the owners are away, he really should be concentrating on his studies, but he's finding it hard when Anna (Lung) – whom he assumes is the hot cousin of the family the father told him about – keeps showing up to go swimming in the pool and flirting with him.

Before long the inevitable happens and they end up in bed. When Julian tries to tell her it was just a fling the beautiful but clingy Anna things turns nasty. So far, so hundrum. But there were a few tantalising clues that there was more to the story, and when the big reveal came, it was satisfying enough to overshadow the only-just-good-enough special effects.

Like the more recent Sanctum, what it lacked in performance and scripting talent it made up for in slickness. Unlike that dog, the acting and script weren't so bad they overshadowed everything else.

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