Don Juan De Marco

Year: 1994
Studio: New Line Cinema
Director: Jeremy Leven
Producer: Francis Ford Coppola
Writer: Jeremy Leven
Cast: Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, Faye Dunaway, Rachel Ticotin, Talisa Soto

This film came and went and didn't stand out enough at the time to warrant me wanting to see it, but it's harder to pass up when you take a second look at the cast, even if the idea is kind of pedestrian.

Retiring psychiatrist Jack (Brando) is winding down to enjoy life with his smart, devoted wife Marilyn (Dunaway) when he comes across a young man convinced he's Don Juan De Marco, the world's greatest lover (Depp).

As Jack treats the boy, he's not sure who's affecting who more, as the man's tales of his career as a lover of women and his romantic, adventurous family life and upbringing inspire Jack to see the little flashes of romance in everyday life.

The climax and resolution aren't as interesting as the rest of the film, and in reality both leads are kind of coasting, but it's a pleasure to watch actors command the screen so completely.

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