Eden Log

Year: 2007
Production Co: Imperia Films
Director: Frank Vestiel
Writer: Frank Vestiel/Pierre Bordage

A man wakes up in a dark, muddy cave. He crawls upwards to find himself in what looks like an abandoned, overgrown factory. He speaks little and we're as disoriented as he is. Because of the glimpses of light and strange sounds we hear, it could be anything from an old power plant to an abbatoir.

We have no idea who the man is, where he is, even the surrounding technology gives us no indication of the year or if we're even on planet Earth.

There are also soldiers stalking around looking for him in futuristic combat suits like something out of a video game, and some sort of species of humanoid monster that fills the space he's in with otherworldy roars.

It looks like it's going to be the most visceral science fiction film in years, and the camerawork and production design certainly do their job to put such an accolade in reach. Unfortunately if there's any story in there it's hidden deep under the snatches of information we get; the enigmatic recordings of scientists the soldiers seemed to have hunted down, the woman the hero meets and either rapes while he's dreaming they're making sweet love or vice versa and the rage he's fighting off, apparently infected by some virus that turns him into one of the monsters he's hiding from.

It has something to do with a company or institution that gives the film its name and how they manage a huge tree that powers their society... or something. Some will love the lack of narrative information and what's behind it all, but I'd have loved some substance behind such great style.

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