Year: 2010
Production Co: HBO Documentary Films
Director: Josh Fox
Writer: Josh Fox

Like The Corporation and A Crude Awakening, this is one of the new breed of political documentaries whose path was smoothed by Michael Moore almost a decade ago.

It comes from a guy who is either not a filmmaker or wanted to look like a guy who isn't a filmmaker but happened to be in the right place at the right time when a gas mining concern offered him big money to drill on his property.

Before signing, he looked into the process and ramifications and found one hard luck story after another all over the US, of corporate corruption and government collusion into a dramatically unsafe practice.

The picture that tells the thousand words from the trailer is the incredible image of a guy lighting the water that comes out of his tap with a lighter. That not only happens many more times in the film, it gets much worse.

The movie does a good job of explaining the process that causes such damage to ground water and the freewheeling, wild west nature of the industry behind it. There's a element of Chicken Little about it but with thanks to Socrates, there's a much bigger story there the surface has barely been scratched away from.

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