I Love You Too

Year: 2009
Production Co: Princess Pictures
Director: Daina Reid
Writer: Peter Helliar
Cast: Brendan Cowell, Yvonne Strahovski, Peter Dinklange, Megan Gale, Steve Bisley

Brendan Cowell's had a good year, with Beneath Hill 60 and now this. It's the sort of movie Australia was always destined to make and really wanted to about 25 years ago – a normal story that didn't have to be about ockers, Holden cars, kangaroos or crocodiles.

It's a middle of the road rom-com about a guy who can't say the three magic little words to his long time girlfriend so she dumps him, convincing herself he'll never commit. The plot deals with his efforts to get over his immature outlook and get the woman he loves back.

Everyone does a pretty good job but Peter Dinklage steals the show as a guy the hero falls in with, becoming his romantic advisor. He gets all the best lines and his sardonic delivery style is a treat.

It's a little long and like most romantic comedies it's very predictable, but everyone tries hard. With its heart on its sleeve, so eager to please and with so much energy it's hard not to like.

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