Jennifer’s Body

Year: 2009
Studio: Fox Atomic
Director: Karen Kusuma
Producer: Diablo Cody
Writer: Diablo Cody
Cast: Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody, J K Simmons, Amy Sedaris

I thought the unexpectedly low performance of this movie (although not many people realise it actually doubled its money) was inexplicable when it came out. What was it about a teen horror comedy full of bloodshed that starred Megan Fox as a young woman of loose morals that wouldn't clean up at the box office?

After watching it one DVD about a year later, I think I understood – very early negative word of mouth might have killed it. Where Diablo Cody's razor sharp scripting fitted Juno perfectly, here among smalltown teens who only care about getting laid it just grates.

Other than that it's really hard to put my finger on why I found it below par. It certainly wasn't structured or written like any other ten horror flick (or teen comedy) so it should have been an exciting new take on a tired genre. Maybe those who bad-mouthed it felt let down by the amount of flesh Fox didn't show.

It has a few knowing, edgy nods to the moods of films like Heathers, but something about it just didn't... grab me. Maybe it was the subtext of the hot girl at school being a 'maneater', which felt forced or out of place.

The plot is simple enough. When Jennifer, the hot cheerleader and town bike climbs into the van of a visiting rock band after her and her best friend Needy (Seyfried) have escaped the fire that followed the performance, she comes back a changed woman.

She's creepy, hungry, vomits up black oil all over Needy's floor, and attacks, kills and eats boys. Soon, Needy knows she's the only one who can stop Jennifer before her former BFF kills Needy's own sweet boyfriend Chip. Much later in the film we find out the band sacrificed her to Satan to get fame and fortune in this life, believing her to be a virgin. But according to the legend imparted in a hurried scene of exposition, if the deed is done on a girl who isn't a virgin (and Jennifer most definitely isn't), she'll turn into a demon who lives on human flesh.

If all you're after is the sight of Fox naked, the pictures on the Internet are better.

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