Year: 2010
Studio: Dreamworks Animation
Director: Tom McGrath
Writer: Alan Schoolcraft/Brent Simons
Cast: Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, David Cross, Bradd Pitt, Jonah Hill, Justin Theroux, Ben Stiller, J K Simmons

Another CG animated 3D kids film? Don't yawn just yet – this one at least has something very few of the others do – an original story. It's got all the other tropes from the big name cast to the overly simplistic moral framework, but the one aspect that makes it successful as a film is that you've never seen this story told before.

After coming to Earth as a baby along with a rival who becomes the superhero Metro Man (Pitt), Megamind (Ferrell) has decided on a life of supervillainy, the pair forming a yin and yang that includes the continual kidnapping and rescuing of sexy, plucky reporter Roxanne (Fey).

One day, Megamind finally does away with Metro Man, a move that shocks everyone, Megamind and his dedicated sidekick Minion (Cross) included. Finally in control of the city, Megamind finds himself bored and purposeless, realising it was the constant battle between good and evil that defined him, a neat idea that will go over kids' heads but makes an interesting piece of philosophy (also touched on in The Dark Knight, where Heath Ledger's Joker taunts that without him, Batman would have no reason to exist).

He sets about creating a new superhero, accidentally giving the powers to the Roxanne's bumbling cameraman (Hill), who proceeds to turn even more power-hungry and villainous. By now we realise Megamind is in love with Roxanne and with no hero, he has to step up to save the city and get the girl.

The animation's as seamless as we expect nowadays, the action and scale good and the jokes funny – what all animated family films should be.

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