Missing Link

Year: 1988
Production Co: Guber-Peters-Barris Productions
Studio: Universal
Director: Carol Hughes/David Hughes
Producer: Peter Guber/Jon Peters
Writer: Carol Hughes
Cast: Petre Elliott, Michael Gambon

A story about a the last surviving member of the species that formed the step between apes and humans was an impressive undertaking, and with a little more verve it could have been a historical epic on a par with movies like Dances With Wolves.

Instead, it feels more like a cameraman has gone back in time to follow a real australopithecine around. It's not necessarily a bad thing, and both the writing of the action and performance of the actor are well suited to what we imagine about life in Eastern Africa a million years ago. But such a realistic approach also means not much goes on – while it's scientifically accurate it's dramatically pretty dry.

The hero's tribe has been killed by slightly more advanced competitors, the humans. He goes on the run seeking others of his kind, trying to make sense of the things he sees across the sweeping landscapes but ultimately doomed to his fate to move aside for a dominant new life form.

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