OSS 117 – Lost in Rio

Year: 2009
Production Co: Mandarin Films
Director: Michel Hazanavicius
Writer: Michel Hazanavicius/Jean Bruce/Jean-Francois Halin
Cast: Jean Dujardin

A mostly misfiring French comedy that looks like it's trying for the Naked Gun comic vein. The problem is that it's either too subtle and the humour is buried deeper than I can see it (or something is lost in the cultural translation) or it's just not particularly funny. If it had come before Austin Powers I might have been more forgiving, but Mike Myers' pistache of a swinging 60s-era Bond parody was far better.

Partly suave and talented, partly clueless, boorish, racist and sexist (part of the problem with the film is that he swings wildly between those extremes between scenes and the movie never seems to know who the character really is) de la Bath (Dujardin) is a French secret agent sent to Rio to retrieve a former Nazi hiding in South America.

He's accompanied by a comely Mossad agent and they team up with the hippy son of the villain in an effort to track down and bring him to justice. There are some laughs but they all work only singularly, hardly ever as part of a cohesive whole. Taken together, the movie feels overlong and laboured.

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