Paper Man

Year: 2009
Production Co: Artfire Films
Director: Keiran Mulroney/Michele Mulroney
Writer: Keiran Mulroney/Michele Mulroney
Cast: Jeff Daniels, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Lisa Kudrow, Kierna Culkin, Arabella Field

A Sundance-y comic drama about a writer (Daniels) who seems to have a serious problem with adulthood. Even though he's married to an attractive doctor (Kudrow) he seems to be a perpetual manboy, coddled and childish in all his whims – particularly the continued presence in his life of his childhood imaginary friend, a superhero named Captain Excellent (Reynolds).

He spends the weeks in the secluded cabin he and his wife have rented trying to write while she stays back in the city working, then she comes to visit on weekends, their relationship straining under the weight of his continued dislocation from reality.

Instead of writing (in a very funny motif, he repeatedly sits down the start the painfully difficult process of his first sentence and is constantly interrupted), he slowly and quietly befriends a local teenage girl (Stone) who for some reason I couldn't quite ascertain, finally gives him the impetus to grow up.

The presence of the childhood friend was enjoyable and Reynolds bought his great sense of irony to the role, but I found the whole thing sort of superfluous, just one subtext in many I really didn't get. I might have been less disappointed except for it starring two of my favourite actors in the world.

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