Rachel Getting Married

Year: 2008
Production Co: Clinica Estetico
Director: Jonathan Demme
Producer: Jonathan Demme
Writer: Jenny Lumet
Cast: Anne Hathaway

A sardonic, dramatic tale about a character with a dark past is a rite of passage for former Disney princesses if they get powerful and popular enough in Hollywood, and after Anne Hathaway rebelled against her image a little in Brokeback Mountain by playing a grown up and taking part in a sex scene, she really spreads her wings here.

She plays screw-up Kym, who's let out of her mental hospital home for the weekend to attend the wedding of her sister Rachel. Sometimes when former Disney princesses find their way into the right project you can see they have something, and that's the case with Hathaway here. She's dark-eyed, bitchy and partway between confused and angry and it's a treat to watch as cracks and old wounds start to show despite everyone's best intentions.

The problem is that everything else pales somewhat in comparison, and both writer Jenny Lumet (daughter of legendary director Sidney – nepotism alive and well as always) and director Jonathan Demme are too taken with everything and everyone going on around her.

Demme has a great eye for realism and there are some great touches of naturalism in the staging and performances, but Kym is offscreen for longer and longer stretches at a time as the movie progresses. It's well done enough without her, like reality TV about intelligent and realistic people, but without Hathaway there's just not enough going on.

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