The Informers

Year: 2008
Production Co: Senator Entertainment Co
Director: Gregor Jordan
Writer: Bret Easton Ellis/Nicholas Jarecki
Cast: Amber Heard, Lou Taylor Pucci, Rhys Ifans, Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger, Winona Ryder, Brad Renfro

Gregor Jordan's made his share of turkeys, but Bret Easton Ellis wrote the screenplay – how could it go so wrong after he knows this world and bought it to life so well in Less Than Zero?

Whether it was Easton's script, Jordan's direction or a pervasive sense where the characters cared so little about anything around them it came right through the camera to the edit, I've seldom sat through such a woefully boring mishmash of so little happening.

The acting was the first thing to put me off. After one of their contemporaries is hit and killed by a drugged-up driver outside a LA mansion party, the brats left behind sit around talking about him and I don't know if Jordan was going for the acting style from the early 80s (when the film is set) or if he just didn't realise how lame and false his dialogue sounded coming from such amateurs.

It put me in a bad frame of mind, and after twenty more minutes there still wasn't anything happening and I gladly turned it off.

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