Zombies of Mass Destruction

Year: 2009
Production Co: Typecast Pictures
Director: Kevin Hamedani
Writer: Kevin Hamedani/Ramon Isao
Cast: Janette Armand

I was never quite convinced that George A Romero intended his seminal Dead films to be thinly veiled social comment on the times (the Vietnam War, consumerism, etc). I think it's just as likely decades of fan dedication has read such subtext into movies he intended to be little more than B grade horror flicks, feats of literary nuance he's been only too happy to accept ever since.

But you'll be in no doubt writer-director Kevin Hamedani is trying to assert similar undercurrents of satire about America's War on Terror in his funny/gory zombie apocalypse, and not just because of the title. Not knowing the difference between an Iraqi and an Iranian, religious fundamentalism, getting someone to confess crimes by torturing them and middle America's shaky acceptance of gays are all squarely in the crosshairs, and without the slightly higher quality than you expect when it comes to the scares and the sauce, the whole thing would have been hopelessly claggy.

When a small coastal island community falls victim to the inevitable plague of hungry undead, we jump between small groups of survivors in their attempts not to end up as zombie lunch.

The gore is as inventive as any competent zombie movie of the last decade and there are plenty of jump scares. Despite slick visuals, it needed a little more script development and much better actors, but it's not the worst B movie around.

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