I Think I Love My Wife

Year: 2007
Studio: Fox Searchlight
Director: Chris Rock
Producer: Chris Rock
Writer: Chris Rock
Cast: Chris Rock, Gina Torres, Kerry Washington, Steve Buscemi

There are two Chris Rocks. One is sardonic, profane and funny – the one who does stand-up comedy. The other is bland, second rate and out of place – the kind who does films like Grown Ups and Head of State.

When I sat down to watch this film I feared the latter, but two things save it (and Rock) from it being a run of the mill rom-com. One is that he's front and centre, with no Adam Sandler, Kevin James or David Spade to get in the way. Far from the zany shtick of Jim Carrey or Eddie Murphy, Rock's always had a laid back style, and it's too easily overshadowed in other films.

The second is that as writer and producer, he doesn't dumb (or tone) it down for a PG audience. It's Rock the stand-up comic's comment on modern married life, with enough race jokes and language to give it an edge.

Successful banker, happy husband loving father Richard (Rock) is bored out of his brain with his beautiful but sexually averse wife (Torres), eaten up by sexual frustration and losing his mind in the mire of overt sexuality and beautiful women around him every day as he goes to work.

A smoking hot girlfriend of a former college friend (Washington) shows up in his life and he finds his resolve sorely tested. The plot meanders here and there but the script has so much to say about the state of sexual union in the modern Western world – and the laughs come often enough – to keep you interested.

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