Made in Dagenham

Year: 2010
Production Co: Audley Films
Director: Nigel Cole
Writer: William Ivory
Cast: Sally Hawkins, Andrea Riseborough, Bob Hoskins, Richard Schiff, Miranda Richardson

This is one of those movies that's more worthy than entertaining. A classic uplifting underdog story, it deals with a group of semi-skilled British housewives and how they bought a global car manufacturer to its knees.

It's the late sixties and in order to avoid having to pay the seamstresses who stitch together the seats at the Ford motor plant outside London the same as their male counterparts, the company downgrades their union status to unskilled.

They're a group of happy go lucky girls who like a drink with their blokes and would no more know their way around industrial action than the surface of the moon, but they unofficially appoint plucky Rita (Hawkins) as their spokeswoman, and the girls find their voice and dig their heels in. They take their battle so high Ford US sends a fixer (Schiff) in to bust the strike.

It's an important story mostly well told, but it's a little on the predictable side. Every possible heartstring is plucked to drive home the point that these spunky lasses will fight to the bitter end no matter what obstacles Ford, families or circumstances will put in their way.

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