Hall Pass

Year: 2011
Production Co: Conundrum Entertainment
Studio: New Line Cinema
Director: Peter Farrely/Bobby Farrelly
Producer: Peter Farrely/Bobby Farrelly
Writer: Peter Farrely/Bobby Farrelly
Cast: Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer, Christina Applegate, Richard Jenkins, Nicky Whelan, Stephen Merchant

It's Hollyood wish fulfillment fantasy part 347 as two suburban married Dads (Owen Wilson and a TV guy I'd never heard of) get the chance to be single again.

When their wives (Applegate and Fischer) get tired of their ogling every young woman who crosses their path, they decide to give them hall passes, a week off from being married to sow their oats and come back home.

The guys can't believe their luck and immediately set about hitting the town to get laid with a group of oddball friends, but they soon learn the terrible truth – they're a bunch of sad sack fortysomethings who just look pathetic. Worse, they realise they love their wives and don't want to stray.

It's the kind of movie that could only exist because of so many other movies. Modern American comic cinema has spent so long telling us that if we were only single (or 25) again we'd be able to get all the chicks we want, even overshadowing the wisdom of our own experience – that very few men ever get that much action when they're single and it's one of the main reasons men want to be in relationships, because being single means copious amounts of internet porn rather than entertaining an endless string of Russian supermodels who want threesomes.

There are a few laughs – particularly from the odd-looking Wilson (what's with that hair?) who can do this sort of thing blindfolded – I just found it so hard to get past the trappings the message is delivered with.

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