Lord of the Flies

Year: 1990
Production Co: Castle Rock Entertainment
Director: Harry Hook
Writer: Sara Schiff/William Golding
Cast: Balthazar Getty, Danuel Pipoly, Chris Furrh

There's an element of Psycho / The Omen to this remake, which adds little to the 1963 original except slightly better acting and colour.

The timeless story of human savagery is given the modern once over as a planeload of military academy students crash near a tropical island and eke out their own society when they realise they're going to have to survive alone until help comes, if it does.

I watched the original not long before this version so the characters of Ralph, Piggy and Jack were familiar. It was good to see them rendered slightly better than the standard of filmmaking in the 60s allowed for but the whole exercise was kind of redundant, apart from one scene that was depicted a lot more realistically and will haunt you for ages afterwards.

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